This is the bit where I tell you a bit about me. Originally from Nottingham, England. Moved to France in 2007. I speak French and English. I like laughing and marmite on toast but not necessarily at the same time. I am blissfully married with four beautiful children. I consider myself lucky.

I started my photographic career taking, developing and exhibiting black & white fine art photography. I still continue to exhibit my work in galleries throughout France and my wall art is available for purchase directly from my website here..

From the exhibition work I progressed to developing a reputation for fun and relaxed portraiture. The sessions were very noisy with people bouncing around everywhere but the results were portraits of people that let the viewer see their character not just their image. From this I sort of fell into wedding photography and followed my natural instinct and my eye for what makes a good photograph. People seemed to like it and because I also really enjoyed doing it is what I have been doing ever since!

My photographic style as a wedding photographer is classed as a reportage, photojournalistic, documentary style. I love creating images that show the real emotions of people. For me there is a real strength in photographs that capture people and events as they actually are. I always like to think that these are the images that in 20 or 30 years when you look back at your wedding day photographs they will bring that day back to life for you. Or, when your children or grandchildren look at the photographs they will be able to see their parents and Aunties and Uncles as they really were all those years ago; laughing, crying, hugging, kissing, dancing, singing.....just being themselves. 

So in summary.... An English speaking wedding photographer in France who would love to hear from you and all you have planned for your special day.